09 Summer Leavenworth Drive Pictures

Here are (most of) the pictures that came off my camera from the drive - I have about 650 more of them if you'd like a larger version of one or to inquire if I might have a pic of your car shoot me an email.

Waterwerks 2008 Car Show Pictures

Finally - last but not least we were at a car show and there should probably be some pictures of cars instead of dogs or autox (as awesome as both are)

Full sizers of everything visible (and much that are not pictured) are available - just ask!

AutoX at Waterwerks 2008

A sampling of the AutoX afternoon cars that were running - check the full size gallery for lots more pictures of each car (~300 autox pictures) [link still to come]

the best one of the day:

The Dogs of Waterwerks 2008

The GF & I got a little carried away taking pictures of the dogs at the show. These are ~30 of them, if you look through the full images page [still to come] you'll find there are literally hundreds more.

Wow, more then 10 words for a webpage

I finally got off my ass and made a bit of a website instead of the previous 2 links and a snide comment. This will be very slowly populated with content. For now the best place to find information on my Rabbit build is still the original thread here

If you need to get a hold of me me email address is still as simple and stupid as it has always been, I get enough spam as it is so I wont be posting it, just send me an email, i'm guessing if you are an actual person you'll figure out my email address - it's that simple.

The Rabbit TDI Swap

This will be broken down both by section & by actual timeline progression as it occured. I'll probably split off the few parts that I get frequently questioned about into more detailed explanations for others benefits.

For now it'll be beginning to current, undedited - anything this color has been added later then originally printed.

8/12/08 - i've begun transferring the posts over from the original forum build thread as 99% of the old images are gone from that host. There are 2 full years of posts to bring over so give me some time, i'll do a few weeks at a time.

Cleaning & Blasting

so I learned some things today, and i'll have the pics up once slacker takes them off his camera (I don't do auto work with my sexy rebel )

first of all, I can't sandblast by just squinting my eyes really tight and looking away.

two: I should probably wear a long shirt while sandblaster.

three: and pants

four: there are apparently two standards for air couplings, the flat style and the standard style, they both look damn similar but they aren't compatible

five: i'm going to be picking sand out of my hair for a week and I only sand blasted for maybe 20 min

Parts Gathering & more Prep

spent a good amount of the day on the 'tex hunting up parts - had some good success and have either laid dibs or hte framework to purchase a lot of my interior pieces.

still trying to find the seats I want locally as shipping is crazy on them - mk2 GLI seats, couple friends have them and they are super comfy and the closest thing I can get to my 20th AE seats and will still easily mount in the rabbit.

Paint Booth Reconstruction & Prep

rebuilt my structure rebuild wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, pretty impressive that for hte most part the plastic held where as the wood buckled in tons of places - in a few pieces in two places on a single piece of wood!

I made really good progress today - even after rebuilding the plastic structure

a bit better picture of the carnage in the daylight - I had popped a few holes last night to drain water out and at lunch time I popped a few more.

Paint supplies & Disaster With The Paint Booth

I want these wheels once I can find out what they are...

they are really close to the ATS type 10's but different

thanks :) I don't really know why people rebuild them, other then the fact that they are cool cars. I tried to quit the VW a number of times but they just fit me way too well (for better or for worse...)

I believe it just might be ;)

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