The Rabbit TDI Swap

This will be broken down both by section & by actual timeline progression as it occured. I'll probably split off the few parts that I get frequently questioned about into more detailed explanations for others benefits.

For now it'll be beginning to current, undedited - anything this color has been added later then originally printed.

8/12/08 - i've begun transferring the posts over from the original forum build thread as 99% of the old images are gone from that host. There are 2 full years of posts to bring over so give me some time, i'll do a few weeks at a time.

The Beginning - 5/22/06
Starting Teardown - 5/22/06
Engine Removal Day - 5/24/06
Teardown Continued - 5/30/06
Still More Teardown - 5/31/06
Paintbooth Construction & Still More Teardown - 6/1/06
Paintbooth & Teardown Continued - 6/2/06
Paint supplies & Disaster With The Paint Booth - 6/4/06
Paint Booth Reconstruction & Prep - 6/5/06
Parts Gathering & more Prep - 6/7/06
Cleaning & Blasting - 6/12/06