Rabbit TDI Swap - Paintbooth & Teardown Continued

Another day another update

Weather was crappy today but turned around and got all nice - right after I got the plastic up of course. Got a better set of easy-outs (the kind that actually work) but the holes are already too stripped to make use of them, i'm going to have to drill into the holes a bit more to get some more meat for the easy outs to grab onto - Went and dropped suspension instead of wasting time on that for now.

Rabbit TDI Swap - Paintbooth Construction & Still More Teardown

Not as much progress as I was hoping for today - running around to stores to get stuff took way too much of the daylight today

Rabbit TDI Swap - Still More Teardown

I think I made some progress today...

Rabbit TDI Swap - Teardown continued

The remnants of todays work

Rabbit TDI Swap - Engine Removal Day

Engine removal day, sky was just waiting for me to get home from work but the weather held for a little while.

Rabbit TDI Swap - Starting Teardown

It finally stopped raining, hurrah. time to strip the interior - hopefully no rust

Rabbit TDI Swap - The Beginning

I went and looked at this car my friend's GF's granpa was getting rid of, he is a 93 year old man and bought it new in 1980. He is an old diesel head and had 2 spare motors and stacks of parts laying around.

this car is absolutely pristine! nothing but a few spots of surface rust, just impeccable condition.

The old guy was totally afraid of the car doing anything for him so he swapped out anything that might ever possibly fail with mechanical units, he made and installed his own damn thermostat!

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